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    https://discordapp.com/channels/344413033801711616/344413033801711617/459652559301509130 Nym has now taken my place as winner of the pizza lotto!
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    Well, I'll let the bot on Discord decide who can have this instead of me - I don't need another pizza!
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    It's loose get among it
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    Weekly Pizza Lottery!

    Check out our raffle page for this weeks pizza lotto!
  5. Hey everyone, After the recent poll on our Discord we've made the changes to our former PvP server and updated the mod list. Gone is the Ragnarok map and PvP rule set. We're super proud to announce to relaunch of our server, now PvE and on ‘The Centre’ map. It is running the Extinction Core mod so make sure to subscribe and download it. It’s fairly big but is worth it and make it a lot more fun as well as give a lot more things to do. Also running classic flyers, Edit server UI, HG stack mod 10000, and Structures +. Server IP is staying the same - still We hope to see you in game soon!
  6. Hi all, Another quick update - the forums theme has been updated and hopefully is a bit nicer to look at! Our new I&A server is now officially up and running - you can read more information about the initial release here Also a reminder that on our Discord, you can now create your very own custom voice channels! Details below Custom voice channels can now be created using the +create command in #create-your-custom-rooms-in-here channel. This will result in a voice channel called "Private Room For {user}" created under the "Custom Voice Channels" category. You can then delete your voice channel by using the +delete command in #create-your-custom-rooms-in-here channel. You can use +lock to lock your custom voice channel to everyone except people you "add" to the channel by using +add {user}. You can also unlock the channel by using +unlock. You can rename your channel using +name {onewordname} - please note it must be one word only. Custom channels will delete 45 seconds after being idle (I.E no-one having been in them for 45 seconds) Cheers guys, Grew
  7. Hi everyone, it's been a while since an "official" update came from the leadership team at Argos - I blame it on us being busy trying to come up with new plans for the future! We'll get straight in to the updates! Discord Integration This has been a very long time coming. The functionality of the bot to post our announcements and staff updates to Discord has always worked "well" but the core function of the bot to link Discord accounts to our forum software to allow members to register and sign-in easily has always need some "gentle coaching" to say the least. I'm pleased to say that last night we finally got the membership syncing function working. Registered members can now link their Discord account through their Account Settings and new members can save time and create their account through Discord - just follow the prompts when you click "Sign Up" Argos Bot 2.0 Obviously our bot overlord is the real boss of Argos Gaming. Just because you tell it you're the "owner", it doesn't mean it's going to listen to you. A recent update on the back-end has fixed that, and the bot finally recognizes it's true leaders. The new #bot-commands text channel shows you a list of commands that our super smart bot can do, and it will be getting updated as I remember what commands I've coded into it. XP Competition For the month of March, our XP leader-board competition will continue. However we will cease this comp. in April as it's not working as well as we hoped. We will be looking at alternatives in the next couple of weeks and hope to have something new for May! On the topic of competitions... If you are anything like me and check the server growth every, single, day, you might of noticed that we are fast approaching 300 members. That means it's almost time for our next Argos Gaming giveaway! Keep an eye out on the forums to get the inside information on what's gonna be going down for it! TeamSpeak 3 Because we like the nostalgic feel of a Windows XP themed VoIP application, we've pulled up our very own TS3 server. It's primary function will be to support our Arma 3 operations and ambitions in the future, however if you play any other games and get bored of the sleek, smooth feel of Discord, feel free to connect to ts3.argosgaming.com.au in TeamSpeak and give it a go! Game Server Updates Ark Bit behind but our Ragnarok PvP server was relaunched earlier this month. You can read more information about that on our blog post here. Arma 3 Mil-sim operations are slowly starting to happen a bit more. We've also introduced Task Force Radio to our list of required mods and will slowly be implementing the use of it in our future missions. The other Arma 3 news is that work has started on developing a new Invade & Annex game mode that supports RHS and a few other toys. Keep an eye on the Arma 3 sub-forum and Discord channel for updates! Hope this little update gave you an idea of the future here. As always, any questions or comments, leave them below and someone will get back to you as soon as we can! Cheers guys - it's awesome to see the conversations that go on here, even when half our PvP servers gets murdered by a hacker, you guys still seem to have a bit of a laugh about it. Big Dog Grew
  8. Grewsome

    And be sure to check out our 200 member giveaway!
  9. Hey guys! Just a wee heads up that our XP system on Discord is now up and running! Below is a bit of info about our XP system! How does the XP system work? To gain some XP, you have to talk in a chat and you'll win 3 points of XP for talking. You can do that every 5 minutes, but make sure you do not spam as it is a warnable offence! What commands can I use with the XP system? At the moment, the only commands a user can enter are the following; +xp To show your user stats. Specify a user to show that users stats instead! For example +xp @Grewsome +xprews To show the XP level up rewards (we are still adding to these so be sure to check every couple of days!) +xplb To show the server XP leaderboard! And if that wasn't cool enough.... Each month the server stats will get reset and the highest ranked Discord member who is registered on the forums will win a $20AUD Steam voucher! Let me know what you guys think and if you have any ideas for rewards, be sure to comment down below!
  10. We are aware of an issue with Discord and it's voice servers. You may encounter latency or disconnect from the Discord servers. You can check out the official status page here for more information
  11. Grewsome

    CHANGES AND UPDATES General [Nintendo Switch] Reduced the default Controller Deadzone to 0.15 from 0.3 to better utilize Joy-Con analog sticks Reduced volume of the Batmobile Goal Explosion Performance [Nintendo Switch] Adjusted world detail to improve average resolution in Handheld Mode Optimized the following maps for Nintendo Switch and PC: Utopia Stadium (all variants) Farmstead Maps are optimized on PC when using ‘Performance’ World Detail setting Improved the field texture visuals for the following maps on Nintendo Switch and PC: Champion’s Field Wasteland Visual improvements on PC apply when High Quality Shaders are turned off BUG FIXES General Fixed Player Avatars sometimes displaying on the wrong user after someone quit or joined the lobby Fixed missing blowoff valve audio for Octane ZSR Engine [Nintendo Switch] Fixed a rare crash that could occur in the post-match Scoreboard in Rumble Grass is now visible on the Main Menu when using ‘Performance’ World Detail settings Ground Textures now appear on Farmstead when using ‘Performance’ World Detail [Steam] Fixed an issue with Older Urban Central replays crashing the game Quick chat audio no longer sounds when a player joins or leaves a server Goal Explosion audio no longer loops after previewing a Goal Explosion in the Crate Preview menu
  12. Our Squad website is now live! Check it out @ https://squad.argosgaming.com.au/ As usual, we welcome your feedback!
  13. Grewsome

    Do you play Squad? Are you looking for a bit more realism than the typical public servers provide? Want the chance to win a match against an enemy as skilled as you are? Argos Gaming is taking preliminary registrations for our new Squad 40v40 white-listed operations and our Squad Clan Cup. For more information; check out our website @ ArgosGaming.com.au and navigate to the Squad Competitions tab in the header! We welcome your feedback as we prepare to launch the tournament of the future. P.S - our Ark & Arma 3 giveaways are still active, be sure to check them out!
  14. Grewsome

    Wanting to get Arberration for Ark but short on cash? Argos Gaming is organising our first giveaway, how to win? Simply reply to this post telling us WHY we should choose you and we will pick the best reply to win. Competition closes 30 November 2017 at 1800 AEDT
  15. I am happy to announce that the first beta launch of the new forums is up and running. Registration is quick and easy, and we recommend syncing your discord to your account after signup! Please if you notice any bugs or imperfections utilise the support feature implemented. Cheers.