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    Argos gaming is happy to bring you the pizza lotto! Winners will be drawn using the raffle function built into our website! You will need to login on our website to lodge you entry donation. https://forums.argosgaming.com.au/index.php?/raffles/category/1-pizza-lotto/
  2. We are pleased to bring you the the new and improved Argos Gaming PvP Server! If you have any issues please contact the admins either through our website or by joining the discord! You will also be able to keep up to date with current server news and events through them as well. Connection Info : CONNECT NOW Please take a moment to have a read of the following rules! Items are no longer restricted and we have removed some mods to improve connection times when joining the server. We still encourage people to build epic buildings with the medieval mods and take advantage of the various decor items to furnish your bases! Loot drops have been activated! - No Keeping hostages for longer then 30mins. - No Excessive damage – Do not destroy what you don’t need and be reasonable when raiding another person. Do not stone age someone by taking everything they own and destroying all of their crafting stations. You can make a path to where your targeted loot is, but you can not fully destroy the base. Keep the damage as minimal as possible - Glitching/Hacking/Exploitation are all against the rules. This includes using game mechanics that are broken or a third party program to knowingly gain an advantage in any situation. - No killing of passive dino's while raiding. -Damaging someone’s already downed tame to reduce taming effectiveness (damaging or feeding it) or killing it is against the rules. -Do not raid a person or tribe continuously without further provocation. -You cannot kidnap, Kill, lock in cage, imprison, or trap sleepers. -Spamming of foundations or pillars is strictly prohibited. They are unsightly and contribute to unneeded server lag. -No building structures within and/or around the entrance of caves containing artifacts. -No Building structures within high resource spawn areas! Banned Items Items are not longer restricted! Mod List Please follow this link MODS
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    Hey Everyone, We are fast approaching the 200 member mark on discord (currently 188), So i thought i would give something back to the community once we hit the target. Simply post a reply and tell me what you would spend a $50 steam gift voucher on in the comments below. All your on-going support is greatly appreciated! So keep inviting your friends and building upon the awesome community we have built together! THANKYOU!
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    Ark Medieval festival

    Further Info.docx